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We believe that we can create an incredible experience for the trail user with the “Along the Shore” route and will avoid a long list of negative impacts associated with the Traverse Lake Road options.  We believe that there is a win-win solution and the National Park Service should step back and think about how best to create America’s Most Beautiful Trail to provide a healthy opportunity for people to enjoy the Lakeshore’s incredible features.

Little Traverse Lake Property Owners provide unique skills, experience and education including MD’s, MBA’s, MS’s, JD’s and PhD’s. 

We believe we can work together to create a real legacy for future generations and are working to raise a greater vision for the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail.

For more information, or to get a copy of our petitions, please contact:

Len Swanson
Coordinator, Local Citizen Petitions

Bill Irwin
President, LTLPOA

Jerry Leanderson
Chairman, LTLPOA Trail Subcommittee

Let's Talk...  Email us below with your thoughts and ideas regarding this important issue.  If you would like to sign a petition of support, please also email us.

Thank you for caring,

Little Traverse Lake Property Owners


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