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Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail


Opportunities for an “Along the Shore” segment

Let’s work together to create a real legacy!

We hope you will find the additional supportive information on is website useful in understanding the opportunities and vision of creating a better Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail experience “Along the Shore” between CR 669 and CR 651 and that you will join us in advocating for creating a greater legacy.

The"Along the Shore" route has numerous advantages over the current Traverse Lake Road options.  Here is a comparison of the two routes.




































Please watch the video footage of one of the first rides down the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail that has been completed from the Dune Climb to Glen Arbor – this is a great experience for the trail user because the trail is routed through natural scenery, not along a county road or busy M-22 or through a residential neighborhood as has been proposed along Traverse Lake Road.



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